The Addicted #130: The Lamp Bongo Sessions

We are back to talk paintballing, another famous bus story and all that lovely warcraft / sw:tor content!


The Addicted
Episode 130

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Quitters go to Meetings

This week:
Cypher climbs the vine
Hyp gets hit with balls
and we head to 1963

Hellos and RL:

Weekend on the Vine
loving 22.11.63


Back to windows 7.
Finished 22.11.63 moving on to IT.
Mention appearances on ootini.
No swtor raiding this week :(
Swtor update
Going Paintballing

Corrections Box / Mailbox:
The Addicted

Rick H @Buggerwow
@TheAddictedCast @cypher_x Don’t know if you like earbuds but saw a good review for JVC HAFX67. Comp to Skull Candy but tougher. Love mine!
JVC HAFX67 review:…

Rick H @Buggerwow
Is it just me or are we overdue for the next installment from @TheAddictedCast?

Jason Etheridge @jasonetheridge1d
@Buggerwow I have inside information that indicates that the next@TheAddictedCast is very close to release. Hang in there, Bugger. :)

Izaak @IzaakTheMad
@cypher_x @Buggerwow@jasonetheridge @TheAddictedCast that makes me sad.

Wembli @wemb
@cypher_x @Buggerwow@jasonetheridge @TheAddictedCast Yes, i waited by my computer all saturday excitedly ready to put it up….
ended up just a sad fanboy in imitation dufflecoat with a plastic camera around my neck!

Jeff Miller @Draezoth
@BindOnEquip and @TheAddictedCastare now blocked at work, so much for listening while on the job. @OotiniCast is still kosher though

@TheAddictedCast ep 128 hunger games was twilight without the fangs and is bombing in aus and john carter is going well so it’s the reverse to the states where carter is bombing any interest to see the avengers

Adam @Lexx_Sylveste
Shit what am I eating? @zooexhibit@TheAddictedCast it was a 10″ I think.

Rick H @Buggerwow
@TheAddictedCast FINALLY! Ep 129:@cypher_x scavenging for buggers? Perv!

Izaak @IzaakTheMad
@TheAddictedCast haha. A little angry, a lot crazy.

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In Game:



iTunes Reviews:

Our Weeks in WoW:



Brought my Druid into the guild.  Asked Zooey for an invite… Got the how do I know your not an imposter.  Did a bit of questing with Ash and we dinged 30.  Running around Stranglethorne.







Had a good run with Paranoid on Sat.  We took down Heroic Morchuck after 2 attempts.  Then we went and took out the 2nd boss on normal, and spent most of the night working on Yor’Sahj the unsleeping Heroic. At the end of the night we switched it back to normal and killed him.
Thanks to Agi for pointing out that I was missing a gem in my Helm.  I had checked my gear on the robot and was able to upgrade the gem in my offhand axe due to the lower prices of the epic gems. I only had enough gold for one gem though and missed that I had an empty slot.


Our Weeks in TOR:

Love the new UI setup.  Didn’t make drastic changes, but setting up my action bars to mirror my G13 layout is so helpful.  Still working on setting up the MMO7 mouse.
Got the email stating I’d be getting the new Legacy pet.  Still dont get why they are putting arbitrary limits on who gets a pet.  They relaxed the level requirement… but why do it at all?

Loving the Jedi.  So much easier to get through content.  Working my way through Nar Shadar now.  Level 27.




The three musketeers: (2011)
Actors Milla Jovovich, Orlando Bloom

Didnt like the Musketeer Wanna-be who was cocky and arrogant.  Everyone appears to be an expert swordsman.

The heros must stop a double crossing agent from a plot to start a war and over through France.


TV Shows:


  • Lilyhammer: 8 eps in first season.  Ex mob boss requests to enter witness protection in Lillyhammer Norway. Once there it doesnt take long for him to start falling back on old habits.
  • Big Love: Watched 1st ep on the GFs request.  May give it a few more eps.
  • Audience poll: The Wire, Deadwood, Justified

Game of Thrones:

  • Catelyn forges an alliance with Renly just before the shadow kills him.  Cate saves Breann.
  • Tyrion tries to talk to Cersei about defences, but she wants nothing to do with him. Lancil tells him about the wild fire.  Funny scene with the barker in the street calling Tyrion the demon monkey.
  • Theon gets no respect from his men.  Decides he will get it if he takes winterfall
  • Arya is cupbearer for Tywin. Jaqen tells her he must repay 3 lives.  She gives him the tickler.
  • Jon volunteers to raid the lookout with Qhorin Halfhand.
  • Danny attends a party and gets an invite to the Warlocks house of
  • Breann swears herself to Cate.
  • Bran holds court at winterfell and sends men to defend his bannermen.
  • Xaxo asks Danny to marry him.




Playing Skyrim and AC: Rev on PC

Thanks for listening.

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