The Addicted #133: Valar Morghulis Bitches with Nevik

This week we talk Diablo 3 with Nevik from ‘The Overlores‘ and ‘Shattered Soulstone‘ and Hyp almost gets ripped off in London. Also we talk about the final episode of Game of Thrones Season 2.


The YouTube version doesn’t have proper sound effect etc. Please excuse Nevik’s lack of a camera , Hyp’s shit camera and Hyp’s hair.


The Addicted – Valar Morghulis Bitches
Episode 133

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This week:
Cypher goes to Hell
Hyp goes to London
And we marvel at Agi’s Staff.

Hellos and RL:

Busy Working.  Haven’t had a lot of time to log in.

Return from London stuff that I missed.

Guy tried to rip me off as soon as I arrived
The Fly

Food (had a subway lol)

Shit weather in the morning last week on 3 -11 shifts. Sun usually came out and blazed just as I arrived to work. Off for four days now with rain the entire time.

Working on the website…

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Massive response from our new YouTube audience.

@TheAddictedCast Hyp: (referring to his cootie bites) “It might be from the type of cats I’m hanging around.” Cheap Irish pussy..

Jason Rainwater @nevikjames
Listening to @hypknotoad &@cypher_x talk Diablo is highly amusing.

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Our Weeks in WoW:

Played Diablo III.  Thanks to Nevik for the trial code.  Tried out a Demon Hunter.  Saved Decard Caine and recovered the crown for the boss fight.  Hate the click to move mechanic.  The graphics were ok, but didnt seem like they were any better than Games we were playing 10 yrs ago.  Turned up the graphics setting just to be sure.  Killing Mobs was easy enough except for a few times when overrun with them.  Why did I spend 2000g unlocking the crafting? I promises Nevik I would try out at least 2 classes so I will give the Wizard (his favorite) a try before passing final judgement.










Fucked up H Ultraxion about 3 times not good.

Ran firelands to get Agi his staff.


Grats to Agi for getting his staff


Our Weeks in TOR:

Got to 31.  Was getting bored with Alderan so I just finished up my story Questline and moved on.  Unfortunately the next bit is a Boss fight which requires Kara who I haven’t been leveling with and again is un-equiped for the fight.  Think I may need to go back to Alderan to level up more and try to get her some better equipment.




One for the Money (2012)
Director: Julie Anne Robinson (Weeds)
Actors: Katherine Heigl (Knocked Up, The Ugly Truth) Jason O’Mara (Resident Evil)
Out of work girl takes a job bounty hunting and ends up hunting an old Boyfriend who is an ex-cop on the run.


TV Shows:

Been watching more Battlestar Galactica while on my lunch break at work.  Really enjoying the series.

Game of Thrones: Valar Morghulas
Piano theme


  • Tyrion wakes up in a rundown room and discovers that He is no longer the king and has not been recognized for saving the city.
  • Joff hands out rewards for Heros in the battle. Makes his Grandfather the Hand, gives Littlefinger Harenhall, and goes through a Mummers Farse of setting Sansa aside and accepting Margaery Tyrell as his new bride.  Littlefinger promises to help Sansa escape
  • Brienne and Jamie run into trouble with some northmen and she cuts them down. Jamie is impressed.
  • Cate urges Robb to keep his promise to Walder Frey. He marries Talisa anyway.
  • Stannis is pissed he did not win the throne and doubts Melisandre and the Red God.  She shows him a vision in the fire.
  • Theon feels he is stuck between a rock and a hard place and Maester Luwin urges him to run to the north and join the wall.
  • Theon Rallies his men for battle at Winterfell but they betray him and knock him unconscious.  Dagmaw stabs Luwin.
  • Shae tries to get Tyrion to run, but vows to stay with him.
  • Arya finds Jaqen and he asks her to come with him.  She says she needs to find her family and he gives her a coin in case she changes her mind.  He changes faces and leaves.
  • Osha and crew find Luwin at the Gods wood and he tells them to go north to find Jon. Osha stays behind and grats him death.
  • Daenerys enters the house of the undying and is tempted by visions to entrap her.  When she resists the Warlock tries to chain her. She escapes thanks to the dragons.
  • Danny visits Daxos to repay his kindness and they lock him in his empty Vault.
  • Qhorin forces Jon to kill him to earn the Wildlings trust.
  • Ed, Grenn and Sam are caught in the snow when the whites attack.







Thanks for listening.


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