The Addicted #134: Thumb

This week we discuss Hyp’s disgusting thumb (see what I did there) and Cypher talks shitty movie theaters.

The YouTube versions camera work is a bit screwed up.


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This week:
Cypher is at the grindstone
Hyp Sticks out his thumb
And we sink our teeth into some true blood.

Hellos and RL:

Back to work after a week of training.
New Theater. -Bargain night $7 tickets. Restaurant. Late start to the show.  House lights not completely out.  Smallish screen.
Old Job Closed

Paul and Storm: George RR Martin Write like the wind
Thank fuck for super glue

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The Addicted

Rick H @Buggerwow
@TheAddictedCast Hatfields and McCoys on The History Channel was really good. Nancy McCoy was a Civil War skank.

Rik Morris @hypknotoad
Yes I may just have logged into wow to raid a day early.. It only took me 8m with no invite from @jasonetheridge to figure it out @tempeste

grimrok @grimrok
Listening to @TheAddictedCast ep 133 – A big cheer to @nevikjames for defending the honour of Diablo 3 :-)

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Our Weeks in TOR:

Spent a shit ton of cash getting Kera outfitted.  Went back to confront Darth Angrel. Kicked his bum on the 2nd attempt.  Finished  Chapter 1.  What is the legacy reward that allows me to make a powerful weapon? Surprised they didnt make me a master.  I dont want to get all anikin, but I did just save the Jedi homeworld…again, and all the Jedi on it.

Headed back to Tattooene based on a tip from my old dead master.
Spent a bit of time riding the Jawa balloon to get the 2 datacrons.
Sent to Bugtown.
Transfered my toon to Harbinger.




Our Idiot Brother 2011 Director: Jesse Peretz  -Paul Rudd, Elizabeth Banks, Zooey Deschanel
Paul Rudd plays a Idealist Hippie who is re-inserted into his sisters lives after he gets out of jail for selling a uniformed officer pot.  His influence causes a bit of chaos in their lives.
Surprisingly good comedy.

MIB 3-  2012 (in theaters) Director Barry Sonnenfeld  Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones, Josh Brolin.

Saw it in 2d.  Had a bit of a clunky start where they set up the plot.  Awkward scene of a funeral where Emma Thompson makes gutteral noises of an alien species. No need to poke fun at themselves.  Why update the Tech, ie the Neuralizer.

Once the meat of the story gets going it picks up and becomes a much better film.  Loved Josh Brolin playing a young Agent K.  Dead accurate impersonation of Tommy Lee Jones. Nice tie up of the series at the end.


TV Shows:


True Blood: Season 5 ep 49-51

  • Bill and Eric are captured by the Authority
  • Pam shows up at Sookies looking for Eric and is talked into turning Tara in an attempt to save her life after being shot in the head with a shotgun at the end of last season.
  • Reverend Newlin shows up on Jasons doorstep as a Vampire. Jessica comes to Jasons rescue and claims him as being hers.
  • Sam is being persued by Marcus’ wolf pack and agrees to go with them in exchange for them leaving Emma and Luna alone. He finally agrees to show Marcus’ mother where his body is.
  • Eric and Bill blow up the car they are being transported in and meet up with Eric’s “sister” who was planning on rescuing them.
  • Alcide warns Eric that Edgington has escaped.
  • Terry is entertaining his old army buddy reluctantly and learns that others in his unit have been killed by house fires- like the one that burned Terry’s house.
  • Just as Eric and Bill get new identities and are about to be sent away the Authority catches up and corner them takes them to Vamptonimo Bay.
  • Sookie and Lafayette wait for tara to wake but when Pam crawls out and Tara is still it looks like it didnt work.  At the last second Tara lunges out of the hole and dives for Sookie.



News: E3 Lots of cool stuff.  Watch Dog, Dishonored, Halo 4, Call of Duty: Black ops., Crysis, Smart glass. Assassins Creed 3, and more…



Thanks for listening.

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