The Addicted #137: Pollexed

This week we return to talk thumbnails (or lack thereof), quiet parties, all that gaming goodness and breaking bad!

Sorry for the delay in getting this episode released.




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Episode 137

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Hypknotember Doc


Quitters go to Meetings

This week:
Cypher returns to wow
Hyp gets his party on
And we get back to Breaking Bad.

Hellos and RL:

All closing shifts this week.
Taking a weekend trip to Maine in a few weeks.


Attended quiet party
Loving Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros


Incidents and accidents

Memorial at the site of the January 1952 crash

Aer Lingus has had 11 incidents, including seven accidents which left aircraft written-off (of which three were fatal) and one hijacking. The last crash accident was a non-fatal crash in 1986, when a Short 360 hit high-tension power lines after the pilots lost control of the aircraft due to airframe icing.[66] The 2005 Logan Airport runway incursion is the last known incident and was investigated by the American NTSB.

  • On 10 January 1952, a Douglas DC-3 (actually a civilianised ex-military Dakota) registered EI-AFL and named “St. Kevin” was en route from Northolt to Dublin. It flew into a mountain wave triggered by Snowdon and an area of extreme turbulence, then crashed in a peat bog near Llyn Gwynant in Snowdonia, killing all 20 passengers and 3 crew. It was the company’s first fatal accident.[67]

  • On 22 June 1967, a Vickers Viscount registered EI-AOF on a pilot-training flight stalled and spun into the ground near Ashbourne, killing all three crew.[68]

  • On 21 September 1967, Vickers Viscount EI-AKK flying from Dublin to Bristol scraped its wing on the runway and crashed on landing at the destination airport. All of the passengers and crew survived. The aircraft was later written off.[69]

  • In 1968, a Viscount EI-AOM “St. Phelim” en route from Cork to London crashed near Tuskar Rock in the waters off the southeast coast of Ireland. All 57 passengers and four crew perished. The crash is generally known as the Tuskar Rock Air Disaster in Ireland. The aircraft’s elevator trim tab was found some distance from the rest of the wreckage, suggesting that it had become detached at an earlier stage. However, the accident report reached no definitive conclusion about the cause of the crash, but did not exclude the possibility that another aircraft or airborne object was involved. Following persistent rumours that the aircraft’s demise was linked with nearby British military exercises, a review of the case files by the Air Accident Investigation Unit took place in 1998. This review identified a number of maintenance and record-keeping failures and concluded that the original report failed to adequately examine alternative hypotheses not involving other aircraft.[70] A subsequent investigation[71] concluded that the accident happened following a structural failure of the port tailplane, and ruled out the possibility that another aircraft was involved.

  • In 1981, an Aer Lingus flight from Dublin to London was hijacked and diverted to Le Touquet – Côte d’Opale Airport in France. While authorities negotiated with the hijacker by radio in the cockpit, French special forces entered the rear of the aircraft and overpowered him. None of the passengers or crew were injured during the hijacking. The official record shows the reason as One hijacker demanded to be taken to Iran. Plane stormed/hijacker arrested. Duration of the hijacking: less than 1 day.[72] while various media reports indicated that the man, Laurence Downey (a former Trappist monk), demanded that the Pope release the third secret of Fátima.[73][74]

  • On 31 January 1986, Aer Lingus Flight 328 a Short 360 registration EI-BEM on a flight from Dublin to East Midlands Airport struck power lines and crashed short of the runway. None of the 36 passengers and crew died but two passengers were injured in the accident.[75]

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The Addicted

Rick H @Buggerwow
@TheAddictedCast ep 136: “He’ll have to change hand positions to wank when I fall off.” #HypsDiseasedThumb

The Addicted Cast @TheAddictedCast
@Buggerwow “i’m still hanging in there!”

@TheAddictedCast I am a crap load of eps behind but you do need to lend your voices to @OMGNAP

Wembli @wemb
@cypher_x @TheAddictedCast hold on- you can count the people you’ve invited on one hand, but then you say there are 6?? Are you a mutant?
or are you harvesting a replacement thumb in the event hyp’s drops off?

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Finished the main story line of Spiderman.  Wasn’t bad.
Steam Sale: Bought Arma 2 and Driver: San Fransisco

Our Weeks in WoW:
Mists of Pandaria Launches Sept 25th.
Collectors edition
Digital Deluxe Edition


Cypher: Started Farming and dailies.  Want to earn ~27,000 for the Vial of the sands.
Sat in on Vent durning Crazy Trains Raid night.  Great to talk to everyone.  Think they made it to the Spine before the DC boss made them call it for the night.

Our Weeks in TOR:

Cypher:  Heard Teo’s request for me to try running my gunslinger again.  I’ll give it a shot. -when I have time. : (


Cypher: Going to see Batman on Sat.

Breaking Bad:

  • Jesse is upset about the lose of the risen cig.  Walter hides the risen and plants a fake for him to find.
  • They go to mike to try to convince him to partner up
  • Hank continues investigation
  • Mike meets with a picky tea drinker. Lydia is concerned about people who could implicate them.
  • Hank questions Mike.- $2mil in his granddaughters account.
  • Chow calls mike at gunpoint to get him to come over. Mike kills the assassin
  • Mike agrees to work with the boys.

Ep 3

  • The crew looks for a new place to cook.
  • Mike puts pressure on the old crew and promises to make them whole.
  • Splitting up profits.
  • The wifes breakdown.
  • Walter keeps planting ideas into Jesse’s head. Not sure what the angle is. (him and his girlfriend) (The guy who got his throat slit)

Thanks for listening.

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