The Addicted #120: I heart SOPA

This week we talk piracy, chutney, salsa, more cranberry, Xmas dinners, western and eastern omelettes, turkey, mashed, sweet and roasted potatoes… and SW:TOR.

The Addicted
Episode 120
Sopa Song
Quitters go to MeetingsThis week:
Cypher is looking for work
Hyp is Dancing with Holograms
And we …

Hellos and RL:

Google docs mobile edition sucks rocks.
Cutting back at work. Job search may be in order.
Slept through the new year

Wants a new job too
Good new years went to see the agressors

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The Addicted

mohalen @mohalen
Listening to @TheAddictedCast I did cancel my cable as I got so fed up with crap Warner paying $150 just for cable a month,
if you just pick a few shows to buy from iTunes or amazon it’s still cheaper than cable

mohalen @mohalen
@TheAddictedCast I watched the first season of Luther, good show to watch in Netflix streaming

mohalen @mohalen
@TheAddictedCast also an addictedCON would be awesome, I would love to come to Boston to drink at the addictedCON

Jason Rainwater @nevikjames2d
What better way to begin an excruciatingly long & stressful day than to listen to @TheAddictedCast? None I tell you. None.

Renee Valentine @theIceflow
Listening to @TheAddictedCast‘s New Year’s episode. Weirdly, the Irish national anthem has the same melody as the … —

Renee Valentine @theIceflow
@TheAddictedCast Jellied Cranberry sauce is far superior than the whole cranberry sauce. Have to agree with@cypher_x.

Wowfan from EU @altwowEU
doesn’t cranberry sauce or jam out of a tin can an metallic taste? never had it out of tin can, only in glass jars@TheAddictedCast

Wowfan from EU @altwowEU
@cypher_x “Klompen” i am so never gonna hear the end of that. lol :D

SumDuud @SumDuud
@TheAddictedCast Have you even checked out what #SOPA is? Your show and site will be blocked in the US because you play copyrighted stuff.

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Our Weeks in WoW:


Cypher: reinstalled my Wow client in preparation to raid on Sat. Got my subscription reminder notice in the mail. Kind of wish it wasn’t coming due before the raid so I could let it lapse for a week.








Paranoid is back in action this week as we return from our holiday hiatus on Sat.  Will our heroes take down Deathwing? Or will they fall in Lava… Tune in nest week to find out.


Our Weeks in TOR:cypher:  Cyph- (Just a skosh under 20)

  • Loving the space battles. I was a bit skepticle when I heard they were on rails, but I think it works just fine.  You do have some control over the ship and although it can be a bit frustraiting when you want to make another pass and the ship is heading in the wrong direction its enough control to still give the illusion of flying. Good experience points for the first run.
  • Find that I tend to be finishing my main story quests before I’m the right level to move to the next area. Either I’m not doing enough side quests or they aren’t spaced right.  Finished Taris but still had a ton of the map that was undiscovered.  The next planet was 3 levels ahead of where I was. Had to land on Taris again and do a bit more questing.
  • Want to get one of the speeder bikes they used as a taxi on taris.
  • Whats with taking off and landing everytime I enter my ship?  I just want to talk to someone in the cargo hold of my ship… I gotta enter orbit to do it?
  • Rolled a Jedi Knight. Haven’t started playing him yet.






Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows (2011)

The 2nd Sherlock Holmes film staring Robert Downey Jr as Holmes, Jude Law as Watson and directed by Guy Richie.  This time they are also joined by Noomi Rapace (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo) who do an excellent job playing a gypsy who was unwittingly caught up in Moriaty’s plans.

Taken for what it is, (a fast paced action movie) I thought it was very enjoyable.  Not enough of Sherlock doing his detective thing for my taste. It’s also very much a Bro-mance maybe even more than its a detective story as Sherlock has a hard time letting go of his friend Watson who is trying to get married and move on.  The characters have a great report and its fun watching them do their verbal sparing.

– Overall: Worth seeing on the big screen.


TV Shows:


Breaking Bad:  Saw the fly episode- good, but not as good as them getting stranded in the dessert.  Jesse discovers that selling to people in rehab is not that easy, and gets a girlfriend. Skyler wants to get involved with the money laundering.  Gus has diner with Walter- gives him cryptic advise. (don’t make the same mistake twice) Jesse discovers the identity of the kid and crew that killed homeslice. Comes up with a plan to kill them with poison which Walter wants no part of.  Gus finds out and brings them all in.  Gus tells Jesse to keep the peace and tells the dealers to stop using kids.  They kill the kid and jesse goes to shoot them.  Walter runs over both of them with his car and shoots one in the head.

Sherlock Holmes (BBC): Season 2 of the Moffit written series has started with a bang.  Excellent show with all of the magic of the first season.  Love Sherlocks portrayal in this series.





Thanks for listening.

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