The Addicted #126: Hypknotember

Tune in this week for more info on the Boston meetup extravaganza in Cypher’s living room (just kidding)

Something funky happened with my track this week which caused some sync issues. Think I sorted most of it out while editing – hyp


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Episode 126

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Quitters go to Meetings

This week:
Cypher applies himself
Hyp cant find the cursor
And we plan for hypknotember

Hellos and RL:

Mention you have email access again at the top
Fixed up my CV
Damage appraised at 800
Vegas free drinks?
firing range? Czech story
can’t use banking app
Boe mentions
wtf is wrong with the cursor

Corrections Box / Mailbox:
The Addicted

@cypher_x @hypknotoad zak patat

Jason Etheridge @jasonetheridge
@toliman @TheAddictedCast It makes you wonder what @hypknotoad does actually cut out, given what’s left in!

Rick H @Buggerwow
@Cablewasteland @TheAddictedCastJust finished season 3 of Nurse Jackie – highly recommended!

Rick H @Buggerwow
@TheAddictedCast For films, cars are technically driving forward but with the body mounted backwards so it appears to be going in reverse.

Rick H @Buggerwow
@TheAddictedCast This season of Archer rocks! Want more episodes with Babou!

Rick H @Buggerwow
@Rrubb Watched the first ep of Housos. Definitely one for @Cablewasteland &@TheAddictedCast. Good call mate!  in reply to @Rrubb

Allecia @Allecia13
I have so many podcasts to listen to and not as much time as I’d like to listen to them. LOVING @TheAddictedCast again! Sry been so long!

Rick H @Buggerwow
@TheAddictedCast Downton Abbey is amazing. Only seen season 1 so far. Highly recommended.

The Wych ‏ @TheWych
does this mean that @hypknotoad is really Japanese?
Jason Rainwater @nevikjames
@TheAddictedCast The lack of Walking Dead talk makes me a very sad Nevik.


Adam @Lexx_Sylveste
@TheAddictedCast got the invite to Hypknotember google doc. Now gotta learn how to use it. Money is already being put aside for this trip!

Rick H @Buggerwow
@TheAddictedCast Unable to attend#Hypknotember. Relying on @ie_ashli to take pics of guys in various states of undress. Will compensate!

ashli @ie_ashli3h
@Buggerwow @TheAddictedCastHow much are we talking? =p

Tempeste @tempeste
@Buggerwow @TheAddictedCast@ie_ashli I’m up for that plan!

Rick H @Buggerwow
@ie_ashli @TheAddictedCast As an added incentive, @cypher_x can be exempt from the photos provided he sets up a webcam in the front room

D.A.Leary @new5thpants
@Lexx_Sylveste @TheAddictedCast#Hypknotember 2012!!!

Adam @Lexx_Sylveste
@new5thpants @TheAddictedCast you making the trip DA?

D.A.Leary @new5thpants
@Lexx_Sylveste @TheAddictedCastaffirmative. me and the wife lady are making the pilgrimage.

Neth @Nethwench
@Lexx_Sylveste @Buggerwow@TheAddictedCast Becoming tempted to pop over to Boston for a few days so @ie_ashli has female back up. ;)

Juuno Korialstrasz @Juunoswow
@hypknotoad @cypher_x Yous guys gotsta come to Vegas in Sept…I’ll pick you up at the airport! Bring @Aprillian too, okay?? :D

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In Game:


Rigamorty Episode 19

Dave McKellar BIG thanks!

iTunes Reviews:

Our Weeks in WoW:
Blizzard lays off 600 employees- only 10% of them from development staff
ironman challenge


Back to the grind to gather money for enchants and gems.



Ran LFR straight into the fall of deathwing final fight. Really easy didn’t watch the video. No loot.
some advise from mags





Had a good night of raiding.  Blew through the 1st half of the raid with no problems.  Took two attempts at Ultraxian. But he wasn’t too hard.  Sometime the fade and twilight cast are very close.  Took several attempts to get the airship. the sappers are extremely tough to see with all the shit going on.  Rubb suggested a macro which worked like a charm to target him and throw chains of Ice on him, which slows him down and makes him easier to see.  The spine was harder.  Had several wipes due to what may have a bug.  Teo seemed to be falling off the spine during the first roll no matter where he was standing which wiped us instantly.  Restarting the client seemed to fix it.  We managed to get two armor pieces off his back

Sunday: took down the spine


Our Weeks in TOR:

Still on Belsavis hit 41.  Trying to keep up with space missions but the new ones aren’t so easy.

Cleared out the bags!
Finally completed drexel sweep emp thingy helped a lot.
Star wartrek



MoneyBall 2011
Directed by Bennett Miller (capote)
Actors Brad Pitt, Jonah Hill (superbad) Phillip semore Hoffman
Struggleing baseball team the Oakland A’s frustrated by not being able to compete with big money teams like New York bring in a statistician to help with recruiting.


TV Shows:

Fringe: All about the Observers.  Get a peak into their origins and who they are.

Breaking Bad s4e10:  Jesse stands up to the cook. Walter breaks down infront of his son. Skyler tells Benneke about the money, Gus poisons the Cartel. Jesse protects Mike and Gus during get away.

Breaking Bad s4e11:  Benneke refuses to pay the IRS. Gus tells Jesse he ready to run the lab.  Walter drives Hank to the laundry but gets in a crash to avoid going there. Walter realizes Jesse has been cooking in the lab and goes to him to plead not to agree to it.  Walkter gets fired and gus threatens his family if he interfears, but that Hank is a marked man.  Walter goes to Saul to tell him he needs to disapear.  Saul tells him he’ll need a ½ million dollars to do it.  He has Saul warn the DEA that Hank has a hit on him.  Walter gets home to discover the money is gone.

Breaking Bad 12-13: Amazing. Jesse’s girlfriends little boy gets poisoned.  Jesse blames Walter.  Walter convinces him it wasn’t him but Gus trying to push jesse enough to sanction killing Walter.  They agree that Gus has to go.  Gus doesn’t take the bate for a car bomb.  Bell guy agrees to work with walter.  lilly of the valley. Love the scene at the end with Skyler putting it all together.

Walking dead: Good stuff.  Had to put down a few humans.  Tension in the ranks causes problems for the group.




Rage: Beautiful game.  Post Apocalypse dystopian future where your character is revived from a cryotube in an Ark program.
Mass Effect 3 demo
Russian BF3

Thanks for listening.

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